This Juice Cured Gray Hair Before Any Hair Dyes Were Even Invented

This Juice Cured Gray Hair Before Any Hair Dyes Were Even Invented

Aging is a period of human`s life which can`t be escaped, and graying is a condition that comes consequently with the years. At the end of the day, we are all asking ourselves why does this happen and how can we post pone the process at least?

Why does it happen?

Melanin is the pigment for color which defines whether the color of our hair will be light or dark. Our hair is white at first and when combined with melanin it may give various colors of hair.

Melanin is secreted in the cells called melanocytes. When these cells become reduced or less active, there happens the graying process.

Several elements can significantly decrease the graying process and improve the pigmentation:

  1. Genetics

There are people that have gray hair since their early 20s. This condition is called early graying and may be caused by stress, but basically genes are mostly responsible for it.

Genes determine the pigmentation ability of all the hair follicles and consequently the period of graying (and baldness as well).

  1. Smoking

Smokers have 4 times higher chances of getting gray hair in comparison to non-smokers because cigarettes are proved to increase the graying process.

  1. Anemia

Early graying can be caused by lack of vitamins B, unhealed thyroid and other medical conditions.

  1. Medications

Besides your hair, many body functions may be damaged by medical conditions or by the medications.

  1. Age

Aging is the main reason for graying. At the beginning the hair is gray, but later on it becomes white.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

This substance is proved to be another reason for hair color loss.

Natural Solutions:

  • Onion Juice Mixed with Lemon Juice

Although a little bit unusual, this mixture is highly beneficial in the process of preventing gray hair. People have used onion juice as a remedy for treating gray hair since the early ages due to its abundance in the enzyme catalase. Long time ago, when there didn’t exist any hair color, adults were advised to rub onions on their scalps in order to avoid graying.

  • Henna

One more highly beneficial solution!

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