Stretch Your Ring Finger With Your Thumb and Maintain For a Few Seconds. Reason You’ll Love!!

Have you ever thought that your hands can help you reach a state of inner peace?

Do you know what “mudras” are? These hand positions play an important role in yoga practices, and some call them “producers of joy.”

It’s all about the nerve endings in your fingers. You can get the energy circulating through your body by stimulating these spots.

You can do these at any time of the day. Give yourself a few minutes, and “drown” into a deep harmony.

  1. Gyan mudra for healing (The Mudra of Knowledge)

Set your body in the lotus position, and place your hands on the knee. Press your thumb and your index finger together, and extend the remaining fingers.


  • It relaxes your mind, and helps you concentrate
  • Keeps your brain sharp and smart
  • Helps you sleep well at night
  • Reduces stress, and treats depression
  1. Vayu Mudra (The Mudra of Air)

Fold the index finger inside your palm, and press it with your thumb. Extend the rest of your fingers.


  • Eliminates gas, and relieves flatulence
  • Relieves problems associated with the air element, including flatulence, constipation, cervical spondylitis, arthritis
  1. Prithvi mudra for healing (Mudra of Earth)

Press the tip of your finger and the tip of your thumb together. Extend the remaining fingers.


  • Balances the element of Earth in human body
  • Regulates weight, stimulates blood circulation, enhances digestion, and treats problems associated with vitamin deficiency
  1. Agni mudra (The Mudra of Fire)

This mudra is associated with the element of fire in the body. Fold the ring finger inside the palm, and press the second phalanx with your thumb. Extend the remaining fingers. For optimal results, do this in the morning before you eat or drink anything. It’s not recommended to those who deal with issues related to acids.


  • Regulates cholesterol and fats
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Strengthens immunity
  1. Jal mudra (Valuran mudra / The Mudra of Water)

It’s one of the basic yoga mudras. Bring the tips of your little finger and thumb. Extend the remaining fingers. Do this while sitting with your legs crossed.


  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Relieves pain
  • Brings back taste sensations
  • Reduces dryness of mouth
  1. Shunya mudra (The Mudra of Emptiness)

Press your thumb over the first phalanx of your middle finger.


  • Treats Ear, Nose, Tongue problems, vertigo, and motion sickness
  1. Prana Healing (Mudra of Life)

Extend your ring finger and middle together, and hold the remaining fingers together.


  • Boosts energy
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Prevents tiredness
  • Treats eye problems
  • Improves vision